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6 Week Childbirth Education Series

All are welcome at this 6 week series held at VYFS Family Place. Whether its your first or your fifth pregnancy, there is always more to learn!

Topics covered include:

  • physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy, labor and birth

  • what to expect in labor and in the postpartum period

  • breastfeeding and newborn care

  • preparing your relationships for parenting or expanding your family

  • coping strategies for labor

  • managing common discomforts of pregnancy

This class is suitable for families planning hospital, birth center or home births. Class topics will be tailored to the needs and interests of the group.

Classes are taught by Lauren Strain, LM, CPM. Lauren is a licensed midwife with a background as a Lamaze certified childbirth educator, PEPS group facilitator, infant massage instructor, birth doula and breastfeeding educator. She has attended a couple hundred or so births as either a doula, birth assistant or midwife in local hospitals, birth centers and homes.

Cost for the series is $250 and covers pregnant person and their support person (husband, wife, partner, doula, support person etc). $150 for Apple Health recipients. Full scholarships available for teen parents.

Classes will be held at VYFS Family Place located at 9822 SW Gorsuch Road.

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